Dating Tips - tips on writing an ad for online dating

Think Of your Personal Ad as an Advertisement and You Are The Product that must be sold Today!

There are many people online looking for that special friend (product) and if your personal ad doesn't peak someones interest, they will look no further at your ad. Instead, they will continue to browse looking at headlines until they find what their looking for and it is only then that the rest of an ad will get read.!

A successful ad always begins with an eye catching headline. Write it so it will appear to others interests. A buyers first question is ;

"What's In It For Me"?

If your a guy looking for a woman, think, "What Is It A Woman Wants"? For a woman who is searching for a man, "What Is It That He Wants"?

Now I certainly am not telling you to lie in your personal ad or to tell them what they want to hear. Be honest - take a good look at yourself, what qualities do you have about yourself that the opposite will be attracted to?!

What Women Are Looking For - An Honest Man, Be Open, A Secure Life, A Great Listener, Respect etc...!

What Men May Be Looking For - An Honest Woman, Someone To Appreciate Them, A Sense Of Humor, A Woman Who Loves To Cook, Perhaps Physical Appearance, A Non Nagging Woman ( he he he ) etc...!

Another point to consider when writing an attention grabbing headline is what type of relationship you are searching for. Serious, Casual, Soul-Mate etc...!

Here are a few example headlines

Honest Woman Seeks Casual Relationship! (Woman Seeking Man)

Get The Respect And Security You Deserve! (Man Seeking Woman)

Attractive Woman With A Sense Of Humor! (Woman Seeking Man)

Get The Love And Appreciation You Deserve! (Man Seeking Woman)

Fantastic Cook Wants To Add Spice To Your Life! (Woman Seeking Man)

So - You have a great headline and now comes the ad. Again, and I cannot express enough just how important it is to the viewer to know, "What's In It For Them"?

Think about all your best qualities and then use them to finish your ad while telling that person what you have to offer them. Remember, you only have so much ad space so choose just a couple of your best qualities that you know the Woman or Man will be looking for.

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