A Little Dating Story

Blind Dates and Other Adventures.
By Lisa Daily

He seemed nice enough when you met him at the party, and your married girlfriend assured you he was great even though she'd never seen him with a girl other than, well, never. But your mom would love him, after all, he is going to be a doctor. Sure, a veterinarian, doesn't that still count... You think, it's not really important how he eats his hamburger like he's never seen food before, you're pretty sure you can work on that later.

So, you're imagining what your friends will say when they meet him and then you realize he's been talking about the importance of flea powder for ten minutes. This seems a little odd and you notice he's scratching his leg. The weird thing is, he's not using his hand. He's using his other leg. Yes. Almost like a dog. In fact, the more you think about it, exactly like a dog. And you start to wonder why he's been talking about flea powder for ten minutes.

So, he's laughing about something you didn't even hear, and he kind of hiccups at the end. And you wonder if it's your imagination, or if it doesn't kind of sound like barking. So you start thinking. Does this guy think he's a dog? And you find yourself wanting to scratch him behind the ears just to see what he'll do. But not very much. Mostly, you just want to go home. Sit on your sofa, commiserate and watch "Miss Congeniality" again with your roommate. Maybe drink a beer. He probably drinks his out of a bowl.

Every one of us has had to endure a date from hell (or *yikes* the local Star Trek chapter ...) The good news is, there's somebody out there who is (almost) completely normal just for you. If you're lucky, you'll meet and fall madly in love. If you're unlucky, well, you'll probably still meet and fall madly in love. You'll just have a lot more of those blind date horror stories to tell.

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