Dating Tips: Finding Dateable Singles

Where Can You Meet Dateable Singles?

They say that the ratio of man to woman is 1 is to 5. And most of the bankable singles are either taken or just married. Well then, how could you score a chance of meeting one of the few bachelors alive? Better yet, where can you meet them?

If you have succumbed yourself to hibernation (credit goes to your most recent nth break-up with that bum guy), then you have a zero chance to meet Mr. Right finally. If you work 12 hours and sleep 8 hours a day and the six hours left on a day is spent on preparing for work and preparing for bed, how could you expect to find a date?

Donít take the saying Love will just come. Duh. You wouldnít want to wait forever for a boy next door to knock on your door if you donít go out and be recognized. What Iím saying is go out and get to know people. Go where the action is. Be at your most attractive self and stand out in the crowd. Donít be stuck with your computer. Now is the high time to revive your social life.

Here are the top date finder spots where you may spot your prince charming.

1. Reunions
Next time you receive a mail invite on your nth pre-school reunion, never turn it down. Hop in to your best party dress and attend all the alumni homecomings you can go. This is a great opportunity for you to catch up with your long lost buddies who may have a friend who is also looking for dateable singles like you. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to reconnect with your old friends and hook up with their single acquaintances too. You might also be surprised to find out that your once chubby seatmate who used to bully you around has transformed to be a gorgeous hunk and have a long kept crush on you.

2. Internet
Everything is in the net even dates. If you havenít heard of Friendster and live chats yet, you are awfully missing a lot! Donít you know that they can make your date hunting very convenient? Try surfing the net and check out list of websites that gathered all singles and find your match. Or you can chat with online singles. Sleepless in the city? Turn on your laptop and chat with other sleepless lonely singles worldwide. Youíll be surprise to discover that there are thousand of others who are also in search for their perfect match.

3. Weddings
Instead of mopping around because, your friend got to tie the knot with her long time boyfriend while you are a candidate for being an old maid, volunteer yourself to be her bridesmaid. Be at your best look and style. Donít be ashamed to catch the bouquet. Who knows, you and the one who catches the garter would be the next couple.

4. Date a Latte
At a coffee shop? Why not? Instead of having your coffee break inside the office, why not do it at the nearby coffee shop? You know, eligible men who are real coffee lovers and love to hang out at coffee shops. And they are also searching for a coffee mate too. Hereís a tip. Donít sit in a corner, try to be a little more aggressive, this time. Try to spot the most gorgeous person inside and share a seat with him. Borrow a section of the newspaper heís reading and initiate a conversation. Impress him with your wits and if youíre lucky he might get so impressed to ask you for a date. Now, youíre smelling amore o latte on the air.

5. Bookstores/Public library
We are talking about dateable singles, right? So, we mean a person who doesnít have the looks alone but the sense as well. And where else to find sensible men but the bookstores or libraries. You wouldnít want a date who has nothing to talk to but how the Lakers lose in the finals. That would be very boring. Of course, we all want our dates to be good conversationalists. And people closest to this figure are those who have wide knowledge on many things more than the Lakers alone. So, does this make sense? Definitely! Well then, start hitting the books and hitting a dateable guy.

6. Workshops/ Crash Courses
Be more creative. Explore your other potentials. Enroll at any crash courses like speech power, entrepreneurship and the sort or participate at an acting or arts workshops. Thereís much more to you than your numerical abilities. Hereís your chance to meet creative singles who admires other equally creative singles like you. Not only will you be able to discover the other side of you but you can also come across with your much- awaited significant other.

7. Sport events and arena
Hey, wake up your sleepy muscles that are sick and tired of you just sitting 12 hours a day in front of your pc. Get into some sports action. Learn new sports such as wall climbing, badminton, tennis or even ice hockey, whatever. You can meet many exciting and adventurous people on the arena. Or you may opt to go in a gym for after office work out. Just imagine, you will be able to shape up your body and your love life as well.

8. Bars, Beaches and Cruise
Reward yourself. Splurge a little for some bar hopping with your friends or if you have enough bucks take a Carribean cruise. Get out of your dark tailored suit for a while and get on to your sexiest bikini. You could ask a guy next to you to put some tanning lotion in your back and hook with him/her later on. In a bar, show off your nice groove and you would eventually groove along with a hot party hunk. A cruise could be very romantic. Take a cruise and youíll be cruising for love soon. Just remember the famous Love Boat series.

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Dating Tips: Where to find dateable singles