Dating Tips: First Date Tips for Men and Women

What To Do On Your First Date

What should you do on your first date?

Whether you are 18 or at your mid twenty something having your first date with a hottie, we all experience first date jitters at one point. Agree? Itís a cliche but first impression really last. If we turn our date off the first time, certainly have a slim chance of scoring another date with your dream date.

It is not just impressing your date actually that counts. We always want to put our best forward especially on a first meet because we want to be perfect enough in presenting ourselves to others. We donít want to hear negative comments from them such as "sheís lousy", "heís boring" or worst "yuck, he smells like a rat".

Here are click first date tips you shouldnít miss. Be sure, to keep this on mind before you hop into your dateís car (for ladies) or before your date hops in your car (for gentlemen).

1. Be on your best look.
Go for a beauty ritual. For girls, have a nice hot oil, facial and all the works if you may. (you donít want to show off your stubborn black heads, right?) For guys, be sure to shave well. Check your nails too and be sure to cut and clean them before your date notice the soil on your nails. It doesnít necessarily mean that you have to be beautiful or handsome. What counts a lot is that you are clean looking and presentable.

2. Make a background check.
Whether he/she is a friend of your friend or a cousin of your sisterís boyfriend, be sure to get as much information from your resources secretly as possible. In that way, youíll have some tips on topics you can discuss with him/her during your date. At the same time, you will learn the moves to click it off with that someone. Or if you already know this someone, make a mental note on his/her likes and stuff. This way, you wouldnít be caught stammering and thinking of something to say. What more, you can get a good lead of conversation.

3. Take a beauty rest.
Once you have gathered the info that you need and had taken necessary beauty preparations, have a full good night sleep a night before your date. This will ease away eye bugs and avoid sleepiness. Likewise, having a full rest will keep you energetic and alive the entire day until the evening. A full rest will keep your natural glow. And looking stressed because of lack of sleep or tiring yourself the whole day will lessen your appeal.

4. Take last minute check before you leave.
Have a breath check. Does it smell like menthol or spoiled food? You donít want your date to swoon away from you just because he canít take your awful smell. Check your car. Be sure to have it car washed. Dub your favorite perfume on your pulse and neck. For one thing, you should smell nice to keep your date drawn to you. Take a last look on your hair. Make sure everything is in its right places before you leave.

5. Look great and feel great.
Be at your best attire. You donít have to wear your best gown. Just wear the appropriate but stylish dress for the type of your date. What is important is that you are confident and comfortable with what you wear. Impress your partner with your nice looks and fashion sense. Look presentable and stunning to make your date proud of you when you walk inside the restaurant.

6. Be on time.
Donít make your date wait for too long. This is a total turn-off. Do all your preparations ahead of time. Punctuality is admirable. Besides, you want to get the most of the night getting to know your partner. It pays to be at least fifteen minutes ahead on your meeting place. It will give you time to relax a bit before your date arrives. For girls, donít let your date wait forever in your door just because you canít choose what dress to wear.

7. Listen attentively when he/she talks.
Show your date that you are interested with him or her by looking into his eyes when he talks. Encourage each other to bare oneís self to make both of you more comfortable with one another.

8. Be pleasant.
Answer his questions with a smile and enthusiasm. Donít be selfish to bare yourself a little with your someone. Ask him or her howís the food. It also pays to be courteous in passing the plate. Show your date that you are interested to know what he/she does and its likes as well. At the course of your conversation, youíll discover common interests that will pave way for more interesting conversation.

9. Just be yourself.
Donít pretend to be somebody your not. This means you donít have to act like a shy timid girl if you arenít or be a rich and jet setter guy if you arenít. Be confident that you are at your best with just being you. With the two of you alone together with much eye-to- eye contact, it will be hard to deceive your date. So, donít put much effort in impressing your date by being more than what you really are. Create a lasting impression by being yourself.

10. Thank your date for a wonderful night.
After an evening of a successful meet, make sure you pay courtesy for a nice dinner. Tell your date how much you enjoyed his or her company and that you are looking forward to your next meet. If unluckily you didnít hit it off quite well, then at least thank him for the dinner or a ride home. But if you do, make sure to give your contact numbers to be in touch for succeeding getting to know each other meets.

Lastly, bear in mind that first date should be fun so that you can expect for another one and who knows you and your date might hit it off really well.

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